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  • Welcome to SDM

    Swing Dance Montreal

    Welcome to Swing Dance Montreal !
    Get to know the swing dance with an internationnally recognized professional ; hire us for classes, wedding choregraphies, performances and any other event !

    Swing Dance Montreal focuses on the swing dances, that is, the various american popular dances born between the 20's and the 50's : lindy hop, charleston, balboa, blues and more. Come enjoy the experience of theses exciting dances in the heart of Montreal with enthusiastic teachers !

    Our school specializes in private lessons to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. We also offer an unique private coaching service that will allow you to be fully supported in a serious dance training process !

    Whether you've never taken a single step dance, whether you want to be at your best in competitions, or you want to impress your guests at a wedding or any special event, you will not be disappointed !

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  • About

    Frédéric Barbe ?       The school ?       Swing Dancing ?

    Swing Dance Montreal

    Frédéric Barbe
    Five-time swing champion and recipient of more than a dozen prizes , Frédéric is now highly respected as a dancer and competitor on the world stage. He started dancing in 2004 in Quebec City. His career took a decisive turn in 2008, when he met with Patricia Brodeur.

    He then began its partnership with the Studio 88-SWING where he became balboa program manager, co-coach of the Swinging Air Force Ballistic, and co-director of the Studio 88-SWING's North Shore team. It was also at this time that he won the amateur division of the All Balboa Weekend, marking the beginning of a great adventure. In early 2010 , he left the Studio 88-SWING and joined the Cat's Corner team, where he was responsible for managing the studio, for improving the school's curriculum, for the teachers' ongoing training, and for teaching most of the classes


    If Frédéric initially specialized in Balboa Swing and LA, he now dances most of the swing dances performed today : lindy hop, ballrooming blues, juking, charleston, collegiate shag, tap and many others


    Swing Dance Montreal school

    In 2011, Frédéric created his own school: Swing Dance Montreal. He obtained the freedom to implement the educational model that he prepared during several years now. Tomato shallot broccoli rabe eggplant fava bean soybean melon sorrel . Tomatillo plantain wattle seed pea ricebean sorrel welsh onion fennel celery kakadu plum . Arugula radicchio welsh onion garlic kale fava bean tomato celtuce beet greens soybean broccoli rabe burdock groundnut lentil . Broccoli rabe
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    What's swing ?

    The origins of swing dancing back to the 1920's, with the Charleston. This dance, which is basically a single dance, changed over time. People begin to dance as couplea, similarly to European dances. Very boisterous, the dance is performed at the time of the rapid rhythms of big bands such as Duke Ellington, Chick Webb and Benny Goodman.

    In 1927, George Snowden, a Savoy Ballroom dancer, responding to a reporter, named the LINDY HOP dance in reference to Charles Lindbergh (aka Lindy), which just completed the Atlantic crossing (the Big Hop). It is still today the most danced swing style in America. Meanwhile, in several American cities, students transform Charleston into various dances to the tune of the new swing music.

    In the early 30's, on the Balboa Peninsula (CA), a different style of dance is developped, characterized by its constant proximity. The lack of space and the music's speed encourage dancers to dance closer, becoming completely bonded to one another while sketching complex and distinctive steps. This is the birth of the Balboa dance.

    During the 1970's, swing dances are obsolete and disappear almost entirely. It was not until the 1990's before young enthusiasts discover old videos and try to replicate what they see.

    Today, inspirations of modern dances like hip hop, modern jazz and West Coast Swing are incorporated to the old swing dancing of Frankie Manning, Maxie Dorf and several other dancers of influence that helped keep the original character of the swing. Thus, swing dancing is now constituted of a mosaic of dance styles and it is still characterized by boundless energy and a touch of flamboyance.

  • Weddings & Events

    David and Natasha really wanted a routine on the part of Count Basie 9:20 during their wedding. We were able to help them realize their project !

    The big day is approaching and you'd like to impress your guests ? Whatever your experience, we will present you at your best ! Contact us for a choreography for your wedding's first dance or for bases to dance the night away, or tell us about your idea !

    Erik and Stephanie have succeeded in presenting a beautiful routine with only five hours of lessons and lots of practice !

    We also offer a range of services for special events : ambiance dancing, performances, swing DJ, introduction classes at your event... Tell us about your needs !

    Contact us !

    Willy and MyNa had never danced before, and look at the result after only nine hours of courses !
  • Classes

    Private lessons

    Swing Dance Montreal specializes in private lessons, which will help you progress faster ! Learn the Lindy Hop, the Charleston, the Balboa, the Blues... Whatever your level and what you want to work on, enjoy the experience of an internationally recognized dancer and of the personalized contact with your teacher. Pedagogy, materials and structure will be adapted to suit you better. Contact us for more information or to book a meeting now !

    Swing Dance Montreal

    Rates for private lessons :
    • $80/h with 1 teacher
    • $120/h with 2 teachers (lead & follow )
    • 5% discount on purchase of 5 classes
    • 10% discount on the purchase of 10 classes

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    Vous pouvez également nous payer comptant ou par chèque au premier cours, ou discuter avec nous d'une entente de paiement.

    Custom courses (semi-private & groups)

    Want to take a group lesson at Swing Dance Montreal ? Now you can : create it custom ! Gather your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and family, sign up for sessions of 5 or 10 weeks , decide how many teachers you want, the dates you want, and style of dance you want to learn. The more you are, the more you save !

    Prices vary depending on the number of students, the number of weeks and if you want one or two teachers (lead & follow). Fill out this form to know how much it would cost by person, or to sign up !

    Customize your course now !

    You already booked a group course, and you want to pay it now ? Ask your group about your course modalities, and click here to pay with Paypal. You can also pay cash or by check at the first class, or speak with us for an agreement.

  • Coaching

    Want a better guidance ?
    Perhaps your group lessons or your performance troup does not allow you as much progress as you'd like, or perhaps have you noticed that the dance classes would not be sufficient to overcome your difficulties ?
    Frédéric now offers you a coaching formula where he can track your progress from week to week and help you overcome your barriers.

    Swing Dance Montreal

    What is that ?

    It is a service reserved for serious people, either single dancers or both partners, willing to commit for a period of 6, 9 or 12 months. During this period, you will spend 1 hour a week with Frédéric, who will help you work on dance techniques as well as general motor patterns development. That is to say, depending on your level, your goals and your needs, you can work on dancing and/or anything that is essential to it : your strength, your posture, the way you move, your general physical abilities ! It is therefore not focused a 100% on dance technique classes, but is a support and guidance service throughout your journey, which may possibly (but not definitely) involve parallel training or other learning techniques.

    A time slot will be chosen and respected each week. In the case of a schedule change, we will do our best to accommodate you, but if an agreement is not possible, this session will unfortunately be lost.
    A canceled meeting may be postponed to a time that best suits everyone, or at the end of the agreement.

    How much is it ?

    It should be noted that, depending on the chosen objectives and on the needs and difficulties, other charges may apply (gym, specialized studios, competition fees...). Also note that these prices do not include the location. Renting a dance studio runs around $15-20 an hour, but if you have a room/location to provide, we can get around. It is also possible to meet in the gym if Frédéric advises you a training program (more on that at the first meeting).

    26 weeks : $1300
    39 weeks : $1755
    50 weeks : $2000

    Contact us for a first meeting, to evaluate your needs and objectives, and to discuss the requirements of your program, or for any question !

  • Contact

    Swing Dance Montreal

    You can reach Frédéric Barbe by email or phone :

    Or click here to contact us directly.

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